Medway Drug Enforcement Agency responds to 3 meth incidents

Local law enforcement has been busy over the past week responding to suspected meth labs and meth trash, including one explosion in the Hillcrest area east of Wooster.

The Medway Drug Enforcement Agency responded to three calls involving meth labs over the weekend.

Don Hall, executive director of Medway, said the three incidents don’t appear to be connected at this time, but they do signal meth may be a significant problem in 2015, just like the past two years.

First, Medway was called to the area of East Lincoln Way and Connector Street in Wooster Township after Wayne County Sheriff’ deputies were called to a scene of meth trash dumped alongside the roadway. The items were found by a person walking along the road.

The next day, Medway agents had two calls that led to meth labs being discovered, Hall said.

The first call came in after the Wooster Police Department was tipped off of a possible lab on the 800 block of Nold Avenue, near Lincoln Street.

Officers went to the address and spoke to a man, who denied any knowledge of a meth lab and refused consent to search the residence. A short time later, at 10:47 p.m., the man was pulled over in a traffic stop at Nold Avenue and Gasche Street for driving with a suspended license and was found with a one-pot meth lab inside his vehicle, according to Hall.

Darrell J. Smith, 35, of 848 Nold Ave., was arrested and charged with illegal possession or assembly of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and the traffic offenses in Wayne County Municipal Court.

Smith has posted bond and was out of jail as of Wednesday.

Later that same day, Medway was called to a residence at 4969 East Lincoln Way, west of Honeytown Road, after an explosion and house fire was reported to authorities.

At the scene, fire investigators showed Medway a trash pile containing numerous one-pot meth labs. Evidence was collected and the scene was investigated.

Hall said the fire is believed to be caused from an active meth cook. One male and female inside the residence were taken to Wooster Community Hospital for burns to their bodies. They had not been arrested as of Wednesday.

Hall added with three meth labs in 2015, the drug continues to be a problem in the area.

“In 2013 when I was senior agent we set a record for the agency (with 28 meth labs),” before he said that was broken in 2014 with 32 meth labs.

By STEVEN F. HUSZAI Staff Writer