800 Marijuana Plants

Since July 29, 2014 agents have removed over 800 marijuana plants from areas in southern Medina County.

On July 29th an Ohio State Highway Patrol pilot found 80 marijuana plants while on patrol in southwestern Medina County. The pilot w...as able to direct agents to the marijuana plants. The agents then seized the marijuana.

On August 1, 2014, acting on information provided by the same Ohio State Highway Patrol pilot, agents were lead to an area in southern Medina County. Once agents were able to walk to the general area 737 marijuana plants were discovered. The OSHP pilot again directed agents to the exact location of the marijuana plants.

In total, 817 marijuana plants were seized. While the majority of the plants seized were less than 3 feet in height this remains a significant drug seizure. A typical plant is estimated to yield approximately 1 lb. of marijuana at full maturity. In Medina County this type of marijuana sells for $1,500 per pound. The 817 marijuana plants seized in these incidents have a value of over $1,200,000.

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