OTFCA: Ashtabula County

Crime Enforcement Agency Ashtabula Count (CEAAC)

The Crime Enforcement Agency of Ashtabula County is a multi-jurisdictional crime task force consisting of officers from the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office and Conneaut and Geneva police departments.

The task force is an intelligence driven, problem oriented enforcement agency that addresses complex crimes such as organized crime, major offenders, fugitive apprehension, gangs, drug trafficking and homeland security. CEAAC also collects data on potential threat sites and threat groups so that area emergency response units are fully informed. CEAAC will supplement local enforcement activities and be the point of contact for federal and state investigative/intelligence gathering agencies.

The agencies involved recognize that individually, their jurisdictions are limited and such limitations are detrimental in combating drug-related and gang-related crime within the county. These municipalities also recognize that the problem can be most effectively combated by the pooling of their resources and the joint exercise of their respective authorities.

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Jefferson, Ohio

Lt. Cary Nelson