OTFCA: Medina County

Medina County Drug Task Force

The primary purpose of the Medina County Drug Task Force is to investigate and arrest those persons involved in any type or amount of drug trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing, or patterned prescription drug abuse and to dismantle identified drug networks.
The Medina County Drug Task Force (MCDTF) was established in 1987 as a multi-jurisdictional drug enforcement unit dedicated primarily to narcotics enforcement.  As stated in our Mission Statement, the purpose of the agency's creation was to identify, investigate, and arrest those persons involved in drug trafficking, cultivation, and manufacturing, to dismantle drug networks, and to seize drug shipments.   We also serve to assist other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when called upon by providing manpower, technical assistance, and specialized equipment to aid in their investigations.

MCDTF is the only drug enforcement entity in Medina County, serving the entire population of more than 183,000 residents.

Darren Stout bio
Darren Stout, Director
Darren Stout has been a law enforcement officer for over 23 years, beginning his career in north-central West Virginia.  While there, he served as a member of a multi-jurisdictional drug unit for several years, gaining valuable experience before moving to Ohio to pursue additional career opportunities.  In 2011, Darren became an agent with Medina County Drug Task Force where, over his career with the agency, he has held assignments such as technical operations agent, clandestine lab instructor, and task force officer at both state and federal levels, eventually being promoted to Agency Director in 2019.  Darren has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and is an FBI LEEDA Trilogy recipient.  He proudly serves as Secretary for the Ohio Task Force Commanders Association and as President of FOP Lodge 204.

Darren Stout