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Ottawa County Drug Task Force

The Ottawa County Drug Task Force is a law enforcement task force that primarily serves the citizens of Ottawa County. Generally, we have a smaller county with 43,000 annual residents. During the summer months however, our county serves as a popular tourist destination sometimes increasing our population to 145,000. Our county lies between three major narcotics source cities; Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland and also has several hundred miles of international border along Lake Erie. The Ottawa County Drug Task Force employs a comprehensive strategy combining complex conspiracy investigations targeting sources of supply, street-level enforcement aimed at addressing quality of life complaints in the community, and a robust outreach program providing expedited access to treatment and recovery options outside of the criminal justice system.  This holistic approach to public services seeks to create and maintain strategic collaborations with its participating law enforcement agencies, community leaders, community stakeholders and members of the public.

The Ottawa County Drug Task Force is comprised of six full time agents including a DART Agent. One of our agents is assigned as an FBI Task Force Officer to the Cartel Gangs Narcotics Laundering (CGNL) Task Force in Cleveland, Ohio.

DART (QRT) Info: The Ottawa County Drug Abuse Response Team

(D.A.R.T.) provides an immediate response to overdose incidents in Ottawa County and has the ability to provide immediate linkage to effective and established resources at such a critical time. The effectiveness of our D.A.R.T. Program can be attributed to our immediate response to overdoses as they are occurring and providing a safety plan and immediate linkage for the survivor.  Not only does the safety plan serve the best interest of the overdose survivor, it provides a satisfactory plan for involved law enforcement officers, the attending hospital staff, and often gives the addict and their family hope in their time of crisis. 

Overdose victims and their families  are provided with resource information, given Narcan, and an open 
invitation for help. We also help guide voluntary referrals to recovery and offer assistance to agencies trying to start a DART/QRT. Additionally, our D.A.R.T. provides and promotes education and awareness in schools, the community, and to just about anyone who will listen!  Our D.A.R.T. presentation is thought-provoking and engaging, challenging stigma while campaigning a message of hope and compassion.  

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