Wood County is not a participating member of any OTFCA (Ohio Task Force Commanders Association) law enforcement task forces.

However, we understand the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety and security. If you have any information that could assist law enforcement efforts in combating drug trafficking, substance use, and its associated criminal activity across Ohio, we encourage you to leave a tip. Your contribution can make a significant difference.
Leave A Tip (Ohio Only)

Please note that any information provided below will be shared with law enforcement agencies only. We appreciate your support and commitment to keeping our communities safe.

About Ohio Task Force Commanders Association (OTFCA)

The Ohio Task Force Commanders Association is dedicated to promoting professionalism, collaboration, and innovation among Ohio’s multijurisdictional law enforcement task forces. By working together, we aim to effectively combat drug trafficking and substance use, thereby reducing the associated criminal activities across the Buckeye State.

Your involvement and tips are invaluable to our ongoing efforts to maintain safety and enforce the law. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

This format highlights the county's non-participation in the OTFCA task forces while encouraging public cooperation through tips, all aligned with the overarching goals of the OTFCA.