Accused fentanyl trafficker indicted for overdose

A man accused of selling fentanyl to a woman who overdosed appeared in court on Monday.

A grand jury recently indicted Scott Grimm, 42, of the 200 block of Fulton St., Port Clinton, on charges of corrupting another with drugs, aggravated fentanyl trafficking, aggravated fentanyl possession and cocaine possession.

Grimm pleaded not guilty in Ottawa County’s common pleas court, according to court documents. His pre-trial is scheduled for April 13 and the jury trial for May 29.

The charges derived from an investigation into an overdose earlier this month, which revealed Grimm allegedly sold the victim fentanyl, according to an Ottawa County Drug task force report.

Fentanyl is estimated to be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and is the cause of more than half of all overdoses, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Agents obtained a copy of a text message conversation between the Grimm and the victim after an officer said he suspected the victim bought the drugs from Grimm.

In the messages, the victim said Grimm owed money, but agreed to buy drugs from him after he sent a photo of a heroin baggy on top of a scale, the report states.

After they read the messages, officers went to speak with the victim, who admitted she paid Grimm $150 to bring the heroin to her, according to the report.

The victim allegedly snorted and later injected the substance, which caused her to overdose. The victim said Grimm “shorted” the drugs he sold her in the past when officers asked why he owed her money, the report stated.

When police arrested him during a traffic stop, they allegedly found crack cocaine and a white powder substance in his possession.

Grimm said he owed her money he didn’t have, so he sent the heroin picture. He claimed he didn’t know she’d use the heroin and thought she wanted it for someone else.

Lab results on the drugs he allegedly sold to the victim revealed it contained fentanyl, the report states. Grimm is held in the Ottawa County jail.

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