Akron man given added prison time

An Akron man who has a history of dealing drugs in Wayne County for nearly a decade was given added prison time Wednesday onto a prison sentence he received from Holmes County earlier this summer.

Terrell Quintaz Wright, known as "Smoke," 35, 1377 Massillon Road, was given a prison sentence of 40 months after he admitted to charges in three separate cases. He was sentenced in Wayne County Common Pleas Court by Judge Corey Spitler.

All told, Wright admitted to felony possession charges of heroin and cocaine (two of each) and one misdemeanor charge of obstructing official business.

"I've been struggling with this problem," Wright told Spitler, reiterating Public Defender Ben Carro's sentiment that Wright has a drug problem he supports by slinging drugs.

Wright was sentenced to two years in prison last month after he sold drugs to confidential informants working for the Holmes County Sheriff's Office. Spitler decided to run his Wayne County sentence concurrently to the Holmes County sentence, which essentially added 16 months onto his out-date.

"My kid graduates in 2018," Wright told the court, adding that he has been struggling with drug addiction. "I'd like to see him put that cap and gown on."

Don Hall, director for the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency, said he has lost track of the amount of times he and local agencies have dealt with "Smoke" on the streets of Wayne County.

"Smoke continues to return to this area even after being incarcerated for trafficking cases and has a documented track record in our area," Hall said.

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