Ammonia Smell Leads To Meth Labs, Sex Offender

The discovery of a car belonging to someone with an active warrant led a Summit County Sheriff's Deputy to 26 alleged meth labs in a Coventry Township home.

The Sheriff's Office says that deputy made contact with a Minnesota man at the home on East Pace Avenue, and that the deputy smelled ammonia after the man answered the door.

After getting consent to search, the Sheriff's deputy discovered a meth lab. The Summit County Drug Unit was called in, and they say they found 25 more labs.

46 year-old Phillipe Fritzke is not just charged with manufacturing of drugs. He's a registered sex offender in Minnesota, and also faces charges of assault and failure to register there.

The Sheriff's Office says Fritzke was apparently staying at the Coventry home with someone else, and that the case is still under investigation.

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