Child Removed From Medina Meth Lab

Medina police and drug task force agents discovered an active methamphetamine lab in an Abbeyville Road apartment early Wednesday afternoon.  Agents went to the apartment to speak to the residents about their excessive pseudoephedrine purchases.  Once there, one of the occupants consented to a search of the apartment.  During the search agents discovered an active one-pot meth lab reactionary vessel.  Due to the volatile nature of this type of methamphetamine manufacturing process the apartment, as well as those adjacent, was evacuated.  Specially trained and equipped task force agents were called to render the apartment safe.  Firefighters from the Medina Fire Dept were called to assist the agents and to help in ensuring the safety of the apartment complex should the need arise.

Two occupants of the apartment, 32 year-old Erica Grabowski and Jerry Canfield (age 36) were both arrested and later indicted on seven 1st degree felony counts of illegal manufacturing of drugs.

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