Five arrested in Galion drug raid

Five residents from Richland and Crawford counties were arrested Friday during a METRICH Enforcement Unit raid.

The five were arrested at 475 Portland Way North, Apt. 3, on drug charges and outstanding warrants, according to a news release from the Galion Police Department.

After searching the apartment on a warrant, police reported finding suspected heroin, drug paraphernalia, syringes, and prescription medication.

Galion residents Kevin Stewart, 40, Melissa Stewart, 39, and Brittany Johnson, 22, were arrested. Johnson also had warrants out of Crawford and Richland counties, police reported.

Brian Schlutow, 39, of Mansfield, was arrested on felony warrants out of Delaware; and Jonathon Cramer, 27, of Crestlin,e had a warrant out of the Crestline Police Department.

Cramer was released with a court date. Kevin Stewart, Melissa Stewart, Johnson and Schlutow were transported to the Crawford County Jail and held, pending charges, the report said.

“The Galion Police Department and METRICH Enforcement Unit continue to work together to develop information regarding illegal activity and coordinate investigations,” Galion police Chief Brian Satterfield said. “We appreciate all information we receive regarding illegal activity from the community and ask that the reports continue. We cannot do this alone.”

Originally published in the News Journal on January 25, 2014

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