Fourteen Arrest in Lawrence County

Lawrence Drug & Major Crimes Task Force Investigations have resulted in fourteen arrests over the last six weeks. The arrestees are charged with various drug offenses to include Possession Drugs, Trafficking in Drugs, and Permitting Drug Abuse. The drugs involved included the following; Crystal Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, and Marijuana.

The arrestees are:

Amanda L. Blake: 37, of Ironton, Ohio
Dennis W. Howard: 38, of Chillicothe, Ohio
Kyle A. Davidson: 34, of South Point, Ohio
Myca M. Followay: 32, of Ironton, Ohio
Antonio J. Murphy: 27, of Ironton, Ohio
Ernest James Edens: 28, of Ironton, Ohio
Brad Jenkins: 27, of Ironton, Ohio
Chad A. Sexton: 24, of Ironton, Ohio
Elizabeth dalton: 72, of Ironton, Ohio
Michael E. Dalton: 73, of Ironton, Ohio
Paul D Brown: 41, of South Point, Ohio
Preston L. Curry: 41, of South Point, Ohio
Thomas Ratliff: 25, of South Point, Ohio
Richard A. Ferguson: 31, of Ironton, Ohio

If you have any information regarding criminal activity or drug activity please contact us anonymously on our hotline at 740-534-5830. Your information is appreciated.

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