Franklin Co. making changes to combat drug smuggling into jails

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is going after people accused of smuggling illegal drugs into the two county jails.

"It's been a problem for years," said Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott. "Its different types of drugs. We've seen an increase lately."

Scott says at least three or four times a week, strips of suboxone, a drug used to treat heroin addiction, have been found hidden in undergarments, magazines, and books.

"Individuals are getting it into the jail to sell it," said Scott. Authorities say a small strip of suboxone can cost $20 on the streets.

Corrections officers are also seeing an increase in people trying to smuggle heroin behind bars, where a decade ago, cocaine and marijuana topped the list.

Scott says the illegal pipeline will soon be turned off, and within the month, books, magazines, and undergarments will no longer be allowed to be delivered to inmates.

"This is just one way to keep inmates safe and cut down on criminal activity," said Scott.

Instead inmates will be allowed to buy the banned products at the jail commissary.

The only material that will be allowed into the jails will be mail, that Scott says will be examined very carefully for drugs hidden behind the stamp and the back seal.

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