Indictments linked to heroin ODs

Five people are accused of corruption and heroin offenses in direct connection with overdoses in Hamilton County, including a near-fatal overdose in the jail.

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force announced the indictments on Wednesday afternoon. The group investigates overdose cases, near-death or fatal – and tracks them back to people suspected of supplying the heroin or fentanyl to the victim.

Those indicted are:

  • Jared Norris, 34, of Norwood, accused of corrupting another with drugs in connection with a March near-fatal overdose in Norwood.
  • Tina Brick, 43, address unlisted, accused of corrupting another with drugs, illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a governmental facility – the Hamilton County jail – trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and aggravated possession of drugs. The case is connected to a March near-deadly overdose in the Hamilton County Justice Center.
  • Nicholas Moll, 35, of Cheviot, accused of trafficking in heroin and tampering with evidence, in connection with a suspected heroin/fentanyl overdose death that occurred in Cheviot in March. Additional charges could be filed, depending on the final cause of death from the coroner's office.
  • Jermaine Swain, 24. address unlisted, accused of corrupting another with drugs and three counts of trafficking in heroin. Investigators linked the arrest to a 2015 near-fatal overdose occurring in Silverton.
  • Destany Davidson, 19, of Harrison, accused of abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence, stemming from a suspected heroin/fentanyl overdose this month in Harrison Township.  Additional charges could be filed, depending on the final cause of death from the coroner’s office.

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force was created last year by the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police with investigators from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Cincinnati Police, Norwood Police, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The task force work is one part of a multi-pronged effort by the coalition to address the heroin epidemic. Norwood Police Lt. Tom Fallon, investigative commander of the force, noted that the coalition includes partners such as the Addiction Services Council of Cincinnati, which addresses another area of need: treatment.

"We have those resources to get people into the help they need," Fallon said. "You do get some satisfaction knowing you got someone help."

The task force cases numbered nine non-fatal and 53 suspected heroin or fentanyl fatal overdoses in 2015. So far this year the force has worked on 12 non-fatal overdoses and 34 suspected heroin or fentanyl overdose death investigations, with the Hamilton County coroner's assistance.

The cases can be difficult, Fallon said, adding, "We are trying to make a difference one case at a time."

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