Medical marijuana facility in Eastlake prepares to start hiring process

Buckeye Relief, the medical marijuana facility under construction in Eastlake, is making progress toward its anticipated late summer opening.

The company which was one of 12 applicants to received a provisional license to operate a Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation facility in Ohio, is awaiting approval of two additional licenses: a dispensary license, which is anticipated in mid- to late May, and an extraction/processor license, which is expected in June, according to owner Andy Rayburn.

The facility already has starting its hiring process and has a few employees in place now, and plans to hire additional staff over the summer. Rayburn expects to hire about six workers in July, and add 10 employees between August and October and another 10 in November. These positions all would be for cultivation.

If the business is awarded the additional licenses it is seeking, it would be able to hire about 20 more people.

“For extraction/processor, the number hired would be approximately 10 and that would start between July and November,” Rayburn said. “For the Eastlake proposed dispensary, that would be another 10 or so and that would start in June to November also.”

Rayburn also noted no special skills are needed as the company will train all employees, but when hiring, they will be looking at the attitude and enthusiasm of applicants.  While there is no mandated skill set needed to apply for a position with the company, applicants as required by law must be able to pass a state background check.

Interested applicants can email a resume to

Pending approval of the additional licenses, Rayburn anticipates hiring an estimated 46 employees.

Published by The News-Herald

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