Meth lab bust in Lockland

A potentially explosive situation is diffused and four people are in custody after police bust a meth lab.

Thursday, the Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force (DART) served a search warrant at a home on Williams Street in Lockland.  They recovered 12 active one-pot meth cookers and several inactive one-pot cookers.

According to investigators the labs were in mason jars and 20 ounce bottles.  Crews worked to neutralize the chemicals Thursday evening.

During the raid police say there were close to 10 people inside the home including children. 

They were not involved in cooking the meth and released. Donald Helton (54), Nathan Helton (28), Jill Johnson (21) and Arvi Seely (54) are in custody and facing manufacturing charges.  Nathan Helton was the original target of the raid.

The amount of methamphetamine as a result of the search warrant was 1,307.36 grams (2.92 pounds) of methamphetamine


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