Meth lab found in Galion

Heroin continues to be the most widely disseminated illegal drug in Crawford County, but over the past several months authorities have uncovered methamphetamine on a number of occasions, indicating that that drug remains persistent here as well.

On Wednesday police, after receiving a complaint about a possible meth lab at 675 Dawsett Ave. in Galion, raided the house there and allegedly found a mobile meth lab.

"Evidence was seized indicating the manufacturing of methamphetamine in the garage utilizing the 'shake and bake' method. METRICH officers were able to safely recover the evidence and make the area safe," Galion Police Chief Brian C. Saterfield said.

In addition to METRICH and the Galion Police Department, the Galion Fire Department and Crawford County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene.

Arrested at the scene were Korinthia Wireman, 24, and Dustin Lowe, both of Galion. Wireman is being held in the Crawford County jail pending charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and permitting drug abuse, while a charge of permitting drug abuse awaits Lowe, who is also in the jail.

"These situations are extremely dangerous. The chemicals and procedure associated with the manufacturing of methamphetamine are highly volatile," Saterfield said.

"We are fortunate that we have experts available through our association with METRICH that have the ability to diffuse and clean up the contamination."

Originally published in the News Journal on April 14, 2016.

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