Meth lab remnants found in Lyn-Way grease bin

Someone dumped a trash bag of methamphetamine lab chemicals into a grease bin behind the Lyn-Way Restaurant, according to Mansfield police Sgt. Steven Brane, working with the METRICH task force.

About noon Thursday, Ashland Fire Department and emergency responders in hazmat suits were in the parking lot behind the restaurant, 1320 Cleveland Avenue.

Rob Stoops, the owner of the restaurant, said an employee found the bag and the restaurant called authorities.

Brane said it looked as though someone cleaned out a meth lab and dumped the chemicals in the restaurant's grease bin. The chemicals for a one-pot meth lab were removed and will be disposed of properly.

The restaurant was not affected or evacuated, Stoops said.

Surveillance cameras at the restaurant showed nothing but authorities will be checking the security cameras at area businesses, Brane said.

"It's the remnants of a meth lab," said Brane. "Not an active cook, but a dump site where they dumped their trash from an active cook."

Originally published in the News Journal on September 15, 2016.

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