Meth lab uncovered during domestic dispute

A small and active meth lab was uncovered by the METRICH-MARMET Drug Task Force during a routine call earlier this week.

Lt. Chris Adkins said Marion Police Department officers were alerted of a domestic dispute at 395 Park Blvd. on Monday afternoon.

“Inside the house searching it, they (police) ended up finding some items related to the manufacturing of methamphetamine,” Adkins said.

He said the METRICH-MARMET Drug Task Force was “called to the scene to do an additional search of the house and confirmed the findings, that there was manufacturing of meth in the house.”

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation assisted police and deputies to remove the suspected drugs from the home. The drugs are suspected to be mostly for personal use.

John C. Ottaviano, 43, was arrested on charges of aggravated trafficking, illegal assembly of chemicals or manufacture of drugs and drug abuse. He also was charged with a probation violation.

Liquid was sent for testing, according to Adkins. If they are determined to be methamphetamine, Ottaviano could face additional charges.

According to court records, Ottaviano pleaded guilty to aggravated possession of drugs, possession of cocaine and attempted tampering with evidence in 2002.

His criminal past also includes guilty pleas to burglary and criminal damaging.
Marion County Probation and the Marion City Fire Department also assisted at the scene.

Last year, METRICH-MARMET officials arrested 10 people for manufacturing methamphetamine in the process of shutting down three meth labs.

“The manufacturing of this drug continues to evolve and to be very dangerous,” Adkins said earlier this year. “Those dangers were proven true with three officers being treated for exposure to the chemicals during 2013.”

Originally published in the Marion Star on August 13, 2014.


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