Meth lab under investigation at Shreve Manor

A meth lab discovered Wednesday at Shreve Manor apartments remains under investigation.

The Medway Drug Enforcement Agency was dispatched to the apartments located on South Street just before 4 p.m.

Don Hall, director of Medway, noted no arrests were made following the incident and Medway agents and agents from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation were still processing the items seized from the location.

Hall confirmed multiple items used to make meth were discovered. Charges are under consideration.

The Shreve apartment units are owned and managed by the Wayne Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Stan Popp, executive director of Metro, made it clear meth activity is not welcome at Metro housing units.

"If you're doing meth at our units, that can't happen," he said, especially in a densely-populated area such as the 45-unit apartment complex.

Popp said his office received information a meth lab was housed inside one of the units. Two Metro employees went to the apartment to investigate at the home of a paraplegic renter.

Popp said nobody came to the door initially. However, through the course of Metro's investigation, someone in the apartment allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana. After that, Metro employees opened the door to the unit and were able to see suspected meth activity.

Shreve Police was contacted and in turn called Medway.

"The fact is, for us, in a place like that with 45 other households, that's a hazard," Popp said.

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