Norwalk man gets 22 months in prison for drug crimes

Drug defendant Terry L. Dotson knew he likely was going to receive a prison term Wednesday.

“I understand you’re probably going to send me to prison, but I do need treatment,” the 47-year- old Norwalk man told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Dotson said he had tried to address his long-time addiction to heroin and opiates on his own, but failed time and time again.

“Once I start doing drugs, it’s all downhill from there,” he added.

Dotson was sentenced to 22 months in prison Wednesday. In July, he pleaded guilty to separate charges of possession of heroin and trafficking in buprenorphine/Naloxone.

In making his ruling, Conway said serving the 11-month terms consecutively was necessary to protect the public from Dotson committing more crimes and since he committed each of the crimes while out on bond.

Dotson’s lengthy criminal record includes multiple misdemeanor thefts, an assault charge, passing bad checks, driving under the influence and a felony non-support of dependents.

“He has prior felonies. He has prior prison sentences. He has done poorly on probation,” Huron County Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

The Huron County Sheriff’s Office investigated the heroin-possession incident, which happened July 14, 2004. Dotson must reimburse the agency $35 for drug testing.

The Norwalk Police Department coordinated the Jan. 13 controlled drug buy. During a late July plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a second charge in connection with a Jan. 15 transaction. Dotson must reimburse police $80 for lab testing.

Officers received a tip from a confidential informant who reported Dotson was selling Suboxone. Earlier, Kasper said on Jan. 13, Dotson and the informant met at a local business, where police who set up nearby surveillance could see the two speaking inside, and Dotson sold three Suboxone pills for $50.

“He was bingeing and he knew it; he’s lucky to be alive,” Huron County Public Defender David Longo said Wednesday.

While out on bond in the heroin case, Dotson is accused of passing bad checks in Lorain County. Longo said his client could face up to three years behind bars.

Originally published in the Norwalk Reflector on September 17, 2015.

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