Norwalk police help take drug dealers off the streets

The Norwalk Police Department's Detective Bureau, a member of the METRICH Enforcement Unit, actively pursues those trafficking illegal drugs.

During 2014, the following people were indicted by a Huron County grand jury for 98 counts of drug trafficking.

The drugs sold include heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication.

Some of the people listed still have pending cases in Huron County Common Pleas Court and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

If you suspect persons are selling drugs in your neighborhood, please contact the Norwalk Police Department at 419-663-6780. Information can be left anonymously.

Here is the list of those indicted: Jason J. Taylor, Alejandro S. Leal, Gregory A. Meade, John W. Youngless III, Albert W. Figley, Joshua A. Lykins, Ruben R. Garcia, Shaun Lykins, Ashley A. Amos, Jennifer S. Christopher, Heather M. Steinmetz, Matthew T. Baker, Thomas M. Papp, Seth R. Flew, Leeanne M. Sigley, Tarrence D. Hills, Angela L. Wargo, Rodney J. Dewiel,, Charles B. Coleman, Brittany L. Meacham, Roy A. Stewart III, Patricia A. Papp, Christopher G. Stanford, Thomas Finley, Brandon W. Wiseman, Eric J. Reese Jr., Deon C. Parker, Dustin Arnett, Joshua J. Raymond, Jesse J. Tyce, Thomas G. Sterling, James W. Conley, Ethan W. Spiggle, Justin Faulkner, Jason A. Barnhart, Sylvia Hendricks, Joseph C. Chaffee, Kenneth Smiley, Sean A. Goble, Jesse J. Tyce,, Jade W. Fisk, Scott A. Hall, Cainon C. Means, Jeffrey D. Gregg, Brittany N. Fernekees, Jennifer L. Demuth, Robert L. Hendricks, Vincent L. Poland, Adam L. Weimer, Blake A. Vick, Carrie M. Ohlmacher, Andrew M. Grose, Linda S. Brummitt, Marcus A. Clark, Eugene F. Wilson Sr., Kaitlin L. Mason, Samantha E. Foster and Justin A. Morgan.

Originally published in the Norwalk Reflector on February 24. 2015.

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