NPLEx and the Medina County Drug Task Force

In July 2013, using the NPLEx database, the Medina County Drug Task Force began a new initiative targeting individuals purchasing, or attempting to purchase, excessive amounts of pseudoephedrine products for illegal purposes.  Specific criteria, such as previous criminal record, drug history and known drug associates, was used to determine if the matter warranted criminal charges.  Charges were not pursued in all "blocked" purchases . 

We found that over 80% of all suspect pseudoephedrine purchases were made by residents of neighboring Summit County.  By targeting those people responsible for supplying pseudoephedrine for illegal purposes we were able to identify meth cooks having an affect on the Medina County area.

Since the inception of the program 70 people have been charged with 159 misdemeanor violations of Attempted Unlawful Purchase of a Pseudoephedrine Product (2925.55), a 2nd Degree Misdemeanor.  In addition to the above charges, 20 people are currently facing 3rd degree felony charges for Illegal Assembly of Chemicals as a direct result of these investigations.

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