Operation Cabin Fever: Sheriff's office conducts warrant sweep on snow day

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office conducted a warrant sweep Wednesday looking for 51 suspects most of whom were wanted on drug-related charges.

Major Steven Tucker says they launched “Operation: Cabin Fever” with the hope of finding suspects at home enduring another long winter day.

“We’re looking at people who were charged with drug trafficking,” Tucker said. “We also have some possession charges. We’re not talking about just heroin and fentanyl anymore. We’re also looking at possession of meth which we are starting to see in our community.”

By day’s end, the five teams of deputies, detectives and U.S. Marshalls had captured 17 suspects and learned that an 18th was, in fact, deceased.

Tucker said many of the warrants are related to undercover investigations conducted over the past several months. “Some of these cases we have invested a number of man hours and lots of money to further these investigations,” Tucker said. “So some of these targets are people we’ve been looking for for some time and we very much look forward to bring them to justice.”

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