Seville Meth Lab.

While conducting a search of a Pleasant St. home in the village of Seville detectives from the Medina County Sheriffs Office and officers from the Seville Police Department discovered a possible meth lab.  Drug Task Force agents who are specially trained in the neutralization and removal of these types of dangerous labs were called to assist.  During the process of rendering the chemicals safe agents discovered several items commonly used in the manufacturing of meth. A "One Pot" meth vessel that was still reacting was discovered in the home as well.

The resident, William Kimble (age-39) was charged with 1 count of Burglary, a 3rd degree felony.  Additional charges relative to the manufacturing of methamphetamine will be presented to a Medina County Grand Jury. Several other people who agents believe were responsible for providing pseudoephedrine to be used in the manufacturing of meth are facing criminal charges as well.

Follow-up- Kimble has been indicted by a Medina County Grand Jury on one count of manufacturing methamphetamine (2nd degree felony), one count of possession of methamphetamine (2nd degree felony), 13 counts relating to the assembly of chemicals used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine (3rd degree felonies) and one additional count of possession of methamphetamine (5th degree felony).

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