Standoff ends; suspect wanted on drug, assault charges

Dwayne Jones, the 29-year-old Dayon man arrested Friday following a seven-hour standoff on Herbert Street, was booked at 7 p.m. into the Montgomery County Jail.

He was booked on six warrants for his arrest on felonious assault, weapons and drug-related charges. He also may have violated probation, online jail records show.

Jones is scheduled to appear in court Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the various charges, jail records show.

UPDATE @ 6:27 p.m.

A seven-hour SWAT standoff ended just before 5 p.m. Friday at a home on Herbert Street in Dayton.

Based on the suspect's violent past, Dayton SWAT was requested to assist the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office when they served a warrant today on drug trafficking and felonious assault charges.

When they arrived at 10 a.m., 29-year-old Dwayne Jones would not come out.

"Chemical munitions were used because he would not come out," Chabali said.

However, a second man who was inside the home came out right away, he said.

"We used a robot to enter the residence and were able to elicit a response from him. Dayton SWAT personnel made contact with him and he surrendered without any issue, whatsoever," Chabali said.

The standoff lasted more than seven hours, and it took tear gas to get Jones to surrender.

"There was copious amounts of gas used to get him out," Chabali said. "He'll be transferred to jail after he's checked."

Although Chabali would not say specifically how much tear gas was used, Montgomery County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Brem, commander of the RANGE Task Force, said more than 100 canisters of gas were set off inside the Herbert Street house.

"Very few people, perhaps five to 10 percent, can withstand that amount of gas," Chabali said.

Jones was wanted for felonious assault on a Dayton police officer and drug trafficking, the assistant chief said.

No shots were fired during the incident, however, officers shot and killed a pit bull in back of the residence, he said.

"We did have to euthanize a dog on the service of the warrant," Chabali said. "A pit bull, standard put bull, a very aggressive dog, charged at the officers and they had to put the pit bull down."

Several houses had to be evacuated for their safety during the standoff.

Neighbors have been cooperative with police, and had made complaints about drug activity at Jones' residence that eventually led to today's warrant, Chabali said.

UPDATE @5:15 p.m.: Dwayne Jones, 29, is now in custody after a seven-hour SWAT standoff at a Herbert Street home.

Jones was wanted for felonious assault with a deadly weapon and drug trafficking, said Montgomery County Sheriff'se Capt. Mike Brem, commander of the RANGE Task Force.

The Dayton Fire Department is ventilating the home. Approximately 100 canisters of gas were fired into the home, Brem said.

Jones was placed into a Dayton police cruiser, then transferred into a sheriff's cruiser.

UPDATE @4:56 p.m.: The standoff is over and a police brought a person out of a Herbert Street home.

UPDATE @2:56 p.m.: The bomb squad is on the scene of a standoff on Herbert Street in Dayton as Dayton police serve a warrant for the RANGE Task Force.

Capt. Mike Brem, task force commander, said the warrant is considered high risk.

Neighbors have been told to stay inside their home.

"For something like this to go on, it's kind of shocking because all of the neighbors around here, we look out for one another," said resident Denise Harris, who lives a street away from the scene of the standoff.

UPDATE @ 12:09 p.m.: Our crew on the scene says officers have fired as many as 60 canisters of gas into the home, and the standoff is still happening.

FIRST REPORT: SWAT is on the scene of a standoff on Herbert Street in Dayton.

Police have been blocking the area since at least 10:30 a.m.

Dayton police are serving a warrant for the RANGE Task Force, which stands for Regional Agencies Narcotics and Gun Enforcement, according to Capt. Mike Brem, commander for the task force.

No word yet on what the warrant is for.

Officers have used a bullhorn to communicate into the house.

According to initial reports, they have also deployed gas and flash devices inside the house.


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