Stores, Homes Raided In Franklin County Bath Salts Investigation

Franklin County authorities have served five search warrants at local convenience stores and residences as part of an operation targeting synthetic drug sales.

According to a news release on Thursday, officials seized several thousand packages of drugs known as bath salts and spice on Wednesday afternoon.

Members of the Franklin County Drug Task Force, Ohio Investigative Unit and the DEA also seized guns and more than $40,000.

Warrants were served at the Schrock Road Drive Thru on Schrock Road, the Family Market and Deli on West Park Avenue and the Smoke n Shop on Sullivant Avenue.

The residences that were searched included Imad Alshaibani's at 3035 Hamilton Ave. and Mohammed Shalash's at 2351 Smokehill Dr.

Arrest warrants were issued for 20 individuals as part of this operation.

Shahid Akhtar; dob 3/24/63; 7781 Clarendon Avenue, #B, Columbus
Nasr Alheisah; dob 3/10/75; 2213 Courtright Road, Columbus
Ziyad Ali; dob 8/20/86; 1387 Hideaway Woods Drive, Apt. D, Columbus
Mahmoud Arman; dob 4/19/76; 2143 Lynbridge Drive, Reynoldsburg
Fady Shalash; dob 12/6/85, 2351 Smokehill Drive, Columbus, Ohio
Dineth Ranatunga; dob 6/7/89; 46 E. Maynard Avenue, Columbus
Ramesh Vardha; dob 6/28/61; 2076 Wendy's Drive, Columbus
Hafid Arfaoui; dob 7/16/72; 4811 Westmoreland Drive, Columbus
Fadi Qadadeh; dob 11/10/80; 537 Lock Avenue Columbus, Ohio
Mustafa Hamed; dob 2/10/75; 1857 Torchwood Drive Columbus, Ohio
Abdelaziz Moussa; dob 2/28/76; 5600 Pinehurst Drive, Hilliard
Imad Alshaibani; dob 7/1/69; 3035 Hamilton Avenue, Columbus
Hamza Shalash; dob 4/22/84; 580 Slate Hill Drive, Worthington
Bajis Mohammed; dob 3/10/93; 5918 Paron Place, Hilliard
Mohammed Shalash; dob 8/1/66; 2351 Smokehill Drive, Columbus
Regence Holland; dob 2/4/79; 4673 Main Street, Whitehall
Imad Al-Ghaith; dob 11/12/73; 810 Kingsford Road, Columbus
Mohamed Zerrei; dob XXXXXX; 2421 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus
Tareq Fares; dob 2/2/82; 15 E. Lane, Columbus, Ohio
Khaleel Ishtayeh; dob 4/23/69; 15 E. Lane, Columbus, Ohio

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