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Franklin County task force fighting opioid epidemic spotlighted on Showtime

Franklin County is getting national attention for fighting back against the heroin crisis. Showtime will air a documentary called "The Trade," spotlighting the county's "HOPE Task Force." Hope stands for heroin, overdose, prevention, and education. "They spent about six months with our people wired up, every day and following us around, " said Chief Deputy […]

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Fight against opioid epidemic in Franklin County featured in new documentary series

With an increasing opioid epidemic across the country, Franklin County, Ohio will soon be in the spotlight as part of a new Showtime series. The network will air a special five-part documentary series called "The Trade" starting Feb. 2, and showcases how the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the HOPE Task Force is trying to combat the […]

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Prosecutors Treat Opioid Overdoses as Homicides, Snagging Friends, Relatives

After Daniel Eckhardt’s corpse was found on the side of a road in Hamilton County, Ohio, last year, police determined he died of a heroin overdose. Not long ago, law enforcement’s involvement would have ended there. But amid a national opioid-addiction crisis fueling an unprecedented wave of overdose deaths, the investigation was just beginning. Detectives interrogated witnesses and […]

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Mentor retail theft detail leads to drop in drug-related crimes

Mentor police set out to thwart drug-related retail theft with a pilot program launched in 2015. Now results are showing a correlation between the Retail Theft Crime Deterrence Program and a plunge in addicts stealing to support their habit. Out of 81 arrests last year, nearly 60 were of admitted drug addicts. The overwhelming drug […]

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Cleveland Clinic panel discussion on opioids coming to Willoughby Hills

A Cleveland Clinic panel discussion on the opioid crisis is coming to Willoughby Hills. “Heroin, Fentanyl and Carfentanil: The Triple Threat at Our Doorstep” will be held June 28 in St. Noel’s Banquet Center, 35200 Chardon Road. “Triple Threat” is a series of panel discussions that “bring residents, community partners and local experts together to […]

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