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Lake, Geauga County police increase heroin arrests, but too early to determine effects

Police and sheriff’s departments have stepped up their enforcement against heroin crimes, but officials say it is too soon to know the effect of their increased efforts. Geauga County Coroner Dr. Robert Coleman said while there have been some potential heroin overdoses in the county in June and July, complete testing takes time, so final […]

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New drug aims to help reverse opiate overdoses

Ottawa County first responders have a new weapon in the war on drugs and combating drug-related deaths from opiates, and it comes in a tiny class vile. Every Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputy will carry two doses of Narcan, the brand name for nasal naloxone, a new nasal spray used to prevent and reverse a drug […]

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Lorain police: Fake heroin causing ODs is pure fentanyl; DEA joins investigation

LORAIN, Ohio - Lorain Police have confirmed that most of the drug being sold as heroin that caused 23 overdoses and two deaths since Friday is pure fentanyl. Lorain County Drug Task Force said that nearly all of the confiscated substance is 100 percent fentanyl, though one batch they obtained is 100 percent heroin.

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