Ten arrested in Niles meth bust

Potentially explosive materials were found Friday during a drug bust inside room 202 at the Cottage Inn in Niles.

“Fortunately for us there was no active lab,” said Captain Jeff Orr, TAG Task Force.

“That’s very close by, it’s too close for comfort,” said Kathy Barbe, a resident who lives nearby.

The materials were associated with meth labs and have the potential to explode.

The drug bust Dec. 5 was executed after several months of investigations.

The main suspect was 41-year-old Larry Moran. He is facing multiple charges. Some include: illegal manufacturing of meth, drug trafficking and drug possession.

“It was a substantial amount more than we usually see,” said Orr.

Investigators say Moran was staying at the motel for several weeks. They also say he had numerous people buying ingredients to make the drug.

When officers went to the room to execute the search warrant, there were five people there.

Barbe said Friday afternoon she saw several people in handcuffs outside of the motel.

“You think of this as something that happens outside in a rural area, you don’t think of it in your back yard,” said Barbe.

She said it caught her off guard when she heard what was being made at the motel, especially since everything is so close to popular shopping area.

“I don’t want it around here,” Barbe said.

Investigators say they are still searching for several people who may be involved with the meth lab.

All ten suspects are due in Niles court at 9 a.m. Dec. 8.

Those arrested include:

  • Justin E. Paul, 30, Ravenna
  • Marshall Emerine, 35, Windham
  • Troy E. Dodrill, 29, Warren
  • Desaray Harris, 18, Warren
  • William A. Harris, 39, Warren
  • Donald W. Brown, 40, Warren
  • Crissy L. Wortman, 33, Warren
  • Dawn M. Pyatt, 29, Niles
  • Jessica L. Smerdell, 34, Niles

Police also seized heroin, cell phones and about $550. The search follows a four to five month investigation involving the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine. The investigation is ongoing.

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