Sheriff Al Solomon released the names of three people arrested in the village of Waynesfield on Tuesday for drug charges.

Members of the Auglaize / Mercer County Grand Lake Drug Task Force, Waynesfield Police, Wapakoneta Police and Sheriff Deputies served three arrest warrants on Tuesday morning at two locations in and around Waynesfield.

Waynesfield Police and the Village of Waynesfield, along with Wapakoneta Police Department and the City of Wapakoneta are contributing members of the Auglaize / Mercer County Grand Lake Drug Task Force.   The arrests were a result of drug buys made inside the village of Waynesfield and the Waynesfield area over several months.

The drugs purchased were Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and illegal prescription drugs.

Three Waynesfield residents were arrested and transported to the Auglaize County Correctional Center on Tuesday morning.  One person still remains at large.

Those arrested are:

Samuel M. Brown, age 23.  Waynesfield.  3 counts of trafficking.  1 count cocaine, 1 count methamphetamine, 1 count prescription drugs.

Shawn L. Robinson, age 19.  Waynesfield.  3 counts trafficking in drugs.  2 counts cocaine. 1 count heroin.

Justin M. James, age 30. Lima, (formerly Waynesfield)  2 counts trafficking in drugs.  1 count methamphetamine. 1 count cocaine

A female was also arrested on Tuesday but not connected with the Waynesfield arrests.

Kristie Gillette, age 20.  Celina was arrested for 2 counts of trafficking in heroin.  She remains in custody at the Mercer County Correctional Facility.  Gillette is being held there on drug related charges.

Sheriff Solomon and Chief Motter have both pledged to do whatever they can to fight the drug issues in the Village of Waynesfield and Auglaize County.  Sheriff Solomon commented “the drug issues in this county stretch from the cities to the rural areas to the small villages and we will work all of it.”

Investigations continue into the illegal drug problems in this area.  More arrests are expected in the future.

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