Three charged in connection with Wooster meth bust

Three Wooster men were charged Monday following discovery of several one-pot meth labs inside an apartment on North Bever Street.

Dennis Breese, 53, of 32712 N. Bever St., David Stentz, 53, of 1905 Portage Road, Apt. 205, and Joseph McKinney, 38, of 322 N. Bever St., have been charged in Wayne County Municipal Court with felony assembly of chemicals.

They all remain in jail, as of Monday. Bonds for Breese and Stentz were set at 10 percent of $5,000 cash or surety; McKinney's bond was set at 10 percent of $10,000.

The three alleged meth cooks have preliminary hearings scheduled for Dec. 7.

All three were arrested Wednesday after several one-pot meth labs were discovered in the garbage can and inside of Breese's apartment. The Medway Drug Enforcement Agency was called to the scene following a tip from the landlord.

According to court documents, Medway agents located McKinney in the area after items consistent with the making of meth were found inside a trash container. McKinney reportedly said he used meth Stentz was making inside the apartment. He denied any involvement in making meth, but would purchase pseudoephedrine and lithium batteries for Stentz.

Breese also reportedly bought pseudoephedrine two days before law enforcement searched the apartment.

Once inside the apartment, Medway agents found Breese with Stentz, who was carrying a garbage bag with two sludge bottles inside.

Breese told law enforcement he allowed Stentz to stay at his apartment in exchange for meth he produced. Breese also provided pseudoephedrine and Zippo fuel to Stentz in order to make the drug.

Six sludge bottles were located at the residence, a gallon container filled with muriatic acid, one hydrochloric gas generator, tubing, coffee filters and an empty Zippo lighter fluid container.

The court affidavit notes McKinney reportedly was taken to the hospital earlier in the month and tested positive for meth; Stentz was found Nov. 11 reportedly with a Gatorade bottle containing a strong acid.

Breese'e girlfriend was interviewed at the scene, but was not arrested.

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