Wooster area drug dealer gets 3 years in prison

WOOSTER -- A man who was indicted for dealing drugs in the area was sentenced May 28 to three years in prison, but does not have to start his sentence until July.

Christopher Wenger, 29, of 717 Lehman St., Orrville, was sentenced to three years in prison for three drug cases last year.

He pleaded guilty in the cases to two counts of trafficking in heroin (fifth-degree felonies), two counts of possession of drugs (fifth-degree felonies) and one count of possession of heroin (third-degree felony).

He was required to forfeit $1,382 as money that was seized during his arrests, and ordered to begin serving his sentence July 11 at 9 a.m.

Wenger was arrested in May and again in October; the second time he was stopped with a "large amount of heroin" and cash on him packaged to sell.

Don Hall, executive director of Medway Drug Enforcement Agency, said previously his agents have "been buying from (Wenger)" since he was out on bond following the May arrest. Hall added they have made buys off Wenger in Orrville and Wooster.

He also was reportedly clinically deceased after a drug overdose earlier this year, noted Hall and David Smith, outgoing director of Medway, before he was revived, an incident Wenger noted during his sentencing May 28.

"Other people around me have told me how much I've changed since the incident that happened to me," Wenger said, noting he "woke up" and realized it wasn't a dream. "I can't say I'm a model citizen, but I'm not causing distress or harm to anybody anymore."

Since then, Wenger said he is still having seizures and started a new medication to which he is "still adjusting."

Following that incident, he claimed he was not competent to stand trial, according to court documents, as the case was postponed several times, including accepting a plea bargain. Following an examination, he was found competent to stand trial in the cases.

But Judge Mark K. Wiest told Wenger if he did not accept the plea offer during his hearing, it may not be available for much longer, which he then agreed to.

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