A Mercedes-Benz and an overdose death: 'King of Winton Terrace' faces federal drug charges

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms called him the king of Winton Terrace. Federal court documents indicate the people who bought heroin from him likely knew him as “Half,” the handle he used on an Instagram account whose profile image prominently featured his bright-red Mercedes-Benz.

His name is Deon Seldon, and he was arrested Thursday after a yearslong investigation involving the ATF, Drug Enforcement Administration and Hamilton County Heroin Task Force.

Court documents claim Seldon, 36, told arresting officials that he had no job but made up to $5,000 each day selling heroin out of his red-brick home on Elkwood Drive. This, paired with the Mercedes-Benz, its tinted rims, the Audi and the overdose death started an investigation in April 2016.

Adams County deputies contacted the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force about the death and the person who sold the victim their drugs: “Half.”

The Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force identified the alias as Seldon’s and attempted to schedule a pair of deals with him in May; neither was completed.

The case would remain dormant until January 2018, when an ATF agent contacted the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force and successfully completed several deals with Seldon. A federal search warrant was authorized Dec. 7.

According to court documents, the agents who searched the Elkwood Drive home found both luxury cars, two guns, $67,000 cash and $60,000 of heroin in plastic bags.

Seldon will be represented in federal court by a public defender when he faces charges of possessing and distributing heroin.

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