Drug Abuse Information

The Ohio Task Force Commanders Associations believes that the below drug abuse websites provide members of the community with valuable information about drug abuse.

DrugAbuse.gov – Teens – http://teens.drugabuse.gov/

DrugAbuse.gov – Parents – http://teens.drugabuse.gov/parents

DrugAbuse.gov – Drug Facts – http://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts

DrugFree.org – Drug Guide – http://www.drugfree.org/drug-guide/

DrugFree.org – ParentToolkit – http://www.drugfree.org/the-parent-toolkit/

DrugFree.org – Parent Guide – “I Think My Child is Using” – http://www.drugfree.org/think-child-using/your-first-step-ask/

DrugFree.org – Parent Guide – “I Know My Child is Using” – http://www.drugfree.org/know-child-using/i-know-my-child-is-using/

Important Videos