Carey Stop Yields A Kilo Plus

On May 18th Carey Police Officer Josh Snyder observed a vehicle out of Lucas County on a village back street in an area officers have been investigating for drug activity. Officer Snyder observed a traffic violation and stopped the vehicle.

A passenger, Brian P. Bolin of Toledo, was uncooperative and was observed ingesting what appeared to be cocaine in an effort to conceal the evidence. After calling for backup, Officer Snyder arrested the uncooperative Bolen at gunpoint.

Officers and deputies responded. Officer Andy Silcox and his K-9 Hunter arrived from Upper Sandusky. Hunter hit on the Toledo car and the search resulted in the seizure of approximately 2.5 pounds of cocaine, roughly $2,800, marijuana, paraphernalia, and open containers. The cocaine was found in the trunk inside a duffle bag which also contained personal items belonging to Bolen.

B. Bolen was indicted June 26th on Aggravated Possession of Cocaine, a first degree felony. Others in the vehicle including Misty M. Martinez and Deontay M. Smith face various misdemeanor charges. A backseat passenger, Sierra Coleman, has not been charged thus far.

If you have any questions or are able to assist in this investigation, please contact Officer Josh Snyder at the Carey Police Department, (419) 396-7678.

Press release submitted Captain Rich Kesler.

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