Fostorian charged in man’s death

A Fostoria man, who already was served a 13-count indictment earlier this month, was indicted on additional charges, including one that accuses him of causing another man's death.

Tyree L. Carpenter, 34, was indicted by a Seneca County grand jury on additional charges of involuntary manslaughter, a first-degree felony; corrupting another with drugs, a second-degree felony; and aggravated trafficking in drugs, a fourth-degree felony, court records state.

Carpenter was indicted on the involuntary manslaughter charge for allegedly causing the death of Steffen Yarris as a proximate result of committing or attempting to commit a charge of aggravated trafficking in drugs, according to his indictment.

According to Seneca County Drug Task Force - METRICH Enforcement Unit, officials believe Carpenter provided the drugs on which Yarris, 31, of Fostoria, overdosed. Yarris was found unresponsive April 2 in a restroom at Arby's, 301 N. Countyline St., Fostoria, according to the task force.

Carpenter was served a 13-count indictment at Seneca County Jail about three weeks ago.

At that time, he was charged with two counts of corrupting another with drugs, second-degree felonies; trafficking in heroin, a third-degree felony; trafficking in cocaine and aggravated trafficking in drugs, fourth-degree felonies; and two counts of possession of heroin, two counts of trafficking in heroin, two counts of possessing of criminal tools, trafficking in cocaine and possession of cocaine, all fifth-degree felonies, court records state.

The grand jury specified $1,687 and a Motorola cellphone are subject to forfeiture on a possession of heroin charge; $1,390 and a Motorola cellphone are subject to forfeiture on another possession of heroin charge; $450, a cellphone, an iPhone and a Motorola cellphone are subject to forfeiture on the aggravated trafficking in drugs charge; $450, a cellphone, an iPhone and a Motorola cellphone are subject to forfeiture on the possession of cocaine charge; and $1,323, two Samsung cellphones, an LG cellphone, a TracFone and Beats headphones are subject to forfeiture on a trafficking in heroin charge and a trafficking in cocaine charge, court records state.

The grand jury specified the trafficking in heroin and trafficking in cocaine incidents allegedly occurred within the vicinity of a youth.

Originally published in the Advertiser Tribune on August 31, 2016.

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