Grand Jury Indicts Five Suspects In Ashland Meth Lab Bust

A Grand Jury has indicted five people for manufacturing methamphetamines at an Ashland residence.

Ashland Police and the METRICH Task Force conducted an investigation at 506 West 10th Street on October 30th, with special teams responding to neutralize the potentially dangerous chemicals used in the methamphetamine production. After a search warrant had been prepared for the house that was under suspicion of manufacturing and trafficking of meth, Detectives moved in.

According to Lieutenant Detective Alting, officers were led to an unoccupied residence at 502 West 10th Street, which was next door to the residence that was being investigated. After contacting the landlord and permission to enter that residence was granted, detectives began searching the unoccupied home. What they found was evidence of the manufacturing of methamphetamines.

METRICH of Mansfield was called to the scene to remove the chemicals from the home. Ashland Fire Department also responded to the scene, as METRICH worked to clean up and contain the dangerous chemicals.

In documents released Wednesday from the Court of Common Pleas of Ashland County, a Grand Jury indicted five suspects in the crime; James F. Redden, 51, Rhonda K. Shanks, 54, Jason A. Shenberger 45, Eugene L. Milkey 58 and Barbara Baker, 50.

Originally published on the website on November 14, 2018.

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