No charges for marijuana found in farm field

DPD Chief Dan Weckesser says his office received information regarding marijuana growing in cornfields in or near Danville. In a collaborative effort between DPD and other law enforcement agencies various grow operations were located and destroyed.

Typically, the grow operations are placed in fields without the landowner’s knowledge. In each of these instances, the farmer sustains a sizeable loss from the crop and property damage that occurs when corn is uprooted and replaced with the marijuana plants. Weckesser says that many times the farmers don’t learn of the grow until they either see the damaged fields for themselves or they see us flying over. We believe that to be the case in these specific grows. Therefore, at this time, there have been no arrest made and no charges have been filed.

Officers removed approximately 260 plants during the recent sweeps. The plants varied in size and maturity. Some of the plants were freshly planted and only a foot tall. They discovered others that were over six feet tall. All of the plants were uprooted and removed from the fields.

In a statement, Weckesser said, "We are especially grateful to our citizens that provided us information when they witnessed questionable activity in their community. They have been such a valuable resource for us. We would also like to extend our gratitude to The Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office for their cooperation throughout the operation."

DPD is part of the METRICH Enforcement Unit.

Originally published on the on August 23, 2016.

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