Police conduct drug raid at apartment

One person was taken into custody following a drug raid by the Urbana Police Division on Tuesday.

According to a press release, on Tuesday at 10:46 p.m., two teams of Urbana police officers conducted a search warrant raid of 319 S. Main St., Apt. 2, as part of an on-going drug investigation in the city.

Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell stated resident Bryan K. Fultz, 25, was taken into custody at that location. Fultz was interviewed and processed at the police division before being taken to the Tri-County Regional Jail, Mechanicsburg, where he is being held on a holder from the Adult Parole Authority, which assisted in this investigation.

Fultz has multiple previous criminal convictions for drug crimes and is listed as a registered sex offender for crimes he committed in 2011.

Several other adults involved in this investigation were detained at this location, taken to the police division for questioning, then released pending additional investigation.

From the apartment, police confiscated a large quantity of drugs, including LSD, a bulk amount of marijuana, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia and a large quantity of drug money.

As part of the investigation, police and an Adult Parole officer went to another location in the city overnight and found two other adults committing drug crimes. These two adults were brought to the police division for additional processing and interviews and were then released. Police expect to present criminal charges against these two individuals pending further investigation.

Lingrell stated police are continuing their investigative efforts to identify drug crime offenders, focus covert efforts against them and close their operations with arrests.

“I appreciate the efforts of our lead investigator on this case, Officer Luke Hiltibran, as well as Sgt. Jason Kizer, who helped to coordinate the raid plan, and Brandon Deskins from the APA, who came to the scene to

assist in the investigation,” Lingrell stated. “Their efforts have helped us as we continue to press onward against illegal drug criminals and in trying to make that neighborhood safer.

“While police continue to follow and develop new investigative leads surrounding this case, they hope to present this criminal trafficking case against Fultz and other individuals connected with it to an upcoming Champaign County grand jury.”

Originally published in the Daily Citizen on April 12, 2018.

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