On May 12th, 2014 a search warrant was served at 231 S. College Street in Sabina. The raid was the culmination of a drug trafficking investigation that began in October 2013. The investigation involved the United States Postal Service, Sabina Police Department, Wilmington Police Department, Warren County Drug Task Force and Ohio BCI&I. The investigation focused on a multi-person drug trafficking group which; stretched from San Diego, CA to the Wilmington & Sabina areas.

The group utilized U.S. Postal services to send packages of Crystal Methamphetamine AKA “ICE” that were then distributed into the Clinton, Highland, Fayette, Greene and Brown County areas. Crystal Meth is commonly smuggled in from South America and is a solid form of Methamphetamine. This drug was locally referred to as ICE, Glass and Glass Cleaner by users and dealers.  It can only be ingested by smoking which in turn has an 80% addiction rate after using it twice, thus creating a high demand for Crystal Meth. During the investigation several packages were intercepted by Law Enforcement throughout Sabina and Wilmington. Over 500 grams or more than one pound of Crystal Meth was seized from this group.

The case information and search warrant application were presented to Clinton County Prosecutor Rick Moyer and Asst. Prosecutor Andrew McCoy. Clinton County Municipal Court Judge Chad Carey approved and signed the warrant for investigators.


Arrested during the search warrant were;

Ronald Young – 37 years old from Ripley, OH


Dwayne Baker – 50 years old from Sabina, OH.

Both were charged with Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Trafficking in Drugs.

Co-conspirators being sought by Local and Federal Agents are:

Stanley Irwin - 37 from Sardina, OH

Jason Faul - 37 from Wilmington, OH

Anthony Mullins - 34 from Sabina, OH

Katherine Young - 34 from Ripley, OH

The investigation into this organization is ongoing at the Local, State and Federal level. Anyone with information regarding this drug trafficking organization or its members is encouraged to contact the Warren County Drug Task Force at 513-336-0070 or

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