Three arrested for allegedly dealing drugs

The director of the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency is near his wits' end.

"I personally have never seen anything like this in my 20 years of law enforcement," said Don Hall, the Medway director, following another drug investigation leading to fentanyl found in Wooster.

Three people were arrested Monday evening who are allegedly involved in the local drug scene dealing fentanyl and are awaiting charges.

Taylor Wilson, 21, and Erin Wilson, 45, both of Wooster, and Marc A. Couvdos, 22, of Akron, all have been released on bonds.

No charges have yet been filed against Erin Wilson or Couvdos; Taylor Wilson was released after he posted his bond on a separate case for which he was awaiting trial for falsification.

A release from the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency notes that the Wooster Police Department pulled over Taylor Wilson for a traffic violation on the 500 block of Robinson Road. While Wilson was being arrested on a failure to appear warrant, a plastic bag containing suspected heroin fell out of his shorts.

A search warrant was then obtained for his residence at 1159 Townsview Place in Wooster, which was executed by Medway and Wooster police.

During the search, multiple bags of fentanyl powder were seized, along with Suboxone, Xanax pills, digital scales, and numerous baggies with suspected fentanyl residue.

Couvdos and Erin Wilson were arrested at the residence.

Coincidentally, Couvdos was just granted intervention in lieu of conviction Sept. 9 -- days before his arrest in Wayne County -- from a Summit County drug case.

Task force officers from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Orrville Police Department assisted in the investigation, as well as the Wooster PD Criminal Impact Unit.

Following the arrests, Hall, said 39 other drug force commanders expressed similar attitudes of being stretched thin in the statewide heroin epidemic. Hall attend the Ohio Task Force Commanders meeting Tuesday in Columbus, where he said that sentiment was echoed across the state.

"We are all experiencing the same problem as far as being to the point of being overwhelmed with the alarming rate that overdoses and deaths continue to come in," Hall said.

He noted that Akron and Detroit continue to be source cities for Wooster and Wayne County. A total of five individuals from Detroit and Akron combined have been arrested for fentanyl trafficking in the last three weeks.

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