Two Wooster men get federal indictment following OD death

Two Wooster men are in custody after they were charged in federal court for dealing heroin and cocaine to a woman who later died from a drug overdose.

Jamie Curtis, 36, and Theodore Alleman, 28, both have been indicted on one count of distribution of heroin and cocaine, a charge that carries a potential sentencing enhancement due to the death. Curtis was additionally indicted on a charge of having a firearm while under disability as a felon, after he was found with a Witness 9 mm pistol, with an “obliterated serial number,” and ammunition.

Medway Drug Enforcement Agency Director Donald Hall said Alleman was arrested last week on the 200 block of South Market Street and Curtis is currently in federal detention in the Youngstown area.

The two are suspected of selling and providing drugs to Harli Cooper, 21, who died after she was injected with a combination of heroin and cocaine on Nov. 13, 2016. 

Wayne County Sheriff’s Capt. Doug Hunter said previously that Cooper was found unresponsive in the basement of a home on the 5700 block of Secrest Road in East Union Township, after she was found by her parents.

Narcan was used, but Cooper could not be revived. A syringe was found at the scene.

A news release from the United States Department of Justice Northern Ohio district attorney states that Alleman repeatedly attempted to persuade Cooper — who was described as a recovering addict — to shoot heroin with him on Nov. 12.

She initially refused, according to the release, before Alleman continued to purchase drinks for her throughout the evening at a local pub. He continued with his request.

In the early morning hours, Cooper agree and Alleman went to an ATM to get money.

At this point, Alleman allegedly texted Curtis “I need a g,” which means a gram of heroin.

Curtis, per the release, sold heroin and cocaine to Alleman from June 2016 through January.

A friend identified in the indictment as “G.C.” reportedly fought with Alleman and Cooper about getting heroin, before he was forcefully removed from the vehicle. Alleman and Cooper then met with Curtis and purchased heroin and cocaine.

Alleman reportedly prepared a mixture of heroin and cocaine that he and Cooper injected.

“The continued collaborative efforts of the Medway Drug Task Force and the Cleveland DEA to investigate these opiate overdoses, truly sends a message to our community that people will be held accountable,” said Hall.

DEA Special Agent in Charge Timothy J. Plancon said in the release: “Identifying and bringing to justice the individuals that distribute drugs that lead to overdose death is a top priority of DEA. Today’s charges send the message to all drug dealers that they will be held accountable for bringing that poison into the community, and their deadly results.”

“We used as many investigatory tools at our disposal,” Hall said, as possible to bring these charges forward.

“It sends a message to the community when these people are getting sent to federal court for charges,” Hall added, and hopefully federal prison too. “People are being held accountable.”

Hall said both Curtis and Alleman have lengthy local records involved in the drug scene.

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